Benefits of Using Topster

Plastic Milk Bottles With Topster Top
  • Attach to plastic milk bottles to simply pour and store milk
  • No more repeated unscrewing and re-screwing of the plastic bottle top
  • The well designed spout eliminates any mess and drips
  • The easy reach, spring loaded handle controls flow when pouring
  • Easier access to milk for some of the elderly and disabled
  • Allows young children to become more independent by pouring their own milk
  • Re-usable and dishwasher safe
  • It fits most plastic milk bottles and different sizes, e.g. 1/2/4/6 pints
  • It prevents a build up of milk at the bottom of the bottle and fridge
  • Transforms the appearance of your milk bottle, turning into an instant jug!
  • Co-ordinated to match the type of milk (e.g. green/semi-skimmed)
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